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Work With Mori


Mori has worked with some of the most iconic brands in business throughout her 20+ year career, sharing her wisdom on the topics of negotiations and communications, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and personal and professional development.


Participants will emerge with a problem-solving and value-maximizing approach to bargaining and will be empowered to become more effective and confident negotiators and communicators across all aspects of their lives.


With fiery passion and a treasure trove of true stories, Mori uses the lens of human connectedness and development in her work and speaks with experience and authority on topics ranging from negotiation to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).


Mori's serves as a cross-sector consultant for a diverse client base that includes major sports leagues, Fortune 100 companies, universities, foundations, and professional associations. Mori's advisory services are available for both corporations and individuals.


Speaking Engagements & Workshops

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Bring Yourself: A Strategic Framework to Negotiate Fearlessly

Contrary to conventional wisdom about what makes a good negotiator - namely, being aggressive and unemotional - this keynote offers a radically different perspective: The essence of bargaining isn't the transaction but the conversation and human connection.

Mori's unique approach challenges widely held assumptions and provides an actionable negotiation framework that emphasizes the transformative power of bringing your whole, authentic self to the table. You will learn to be a fearless advocate for yourself, while finding creative solutions that benefit all parties.

What the World Needs Now: Empathy as a Business Strategy in a Disconnected World

Empathy isn’t a ‘nice-to-have’ for an effective negotiator – it’s a must-have. This keynote outlines how business leaders can employ empathy to establish trust, respect, and successful, long-term relationships with employees, customers, and vendors.

Full of actionable tactics and tools, Mori’s presentation dives deep into strategies such as preparation, mindfulness, curiosity, and mental agility to support whole-person communication and negotiation.

The Future of Work: Strategies to Prevent Burnout

Are you stressed from the extra workload and non-stop days with no hard beginning or end? Professional and personal boundaries were blurred as a result of the pandemic, giving rise to work/life imbalance amidst an ever-changing world. We must establish clear boundaries to ensure we prioritize ourselves to prevent future burnout.

Mori will share her Bring Yourself framework to help attendees clearly define their values and goals and create an actionable blueprint to guide them to thriving through these challenging times.


Bring Yourself

A look at how relationships can drive successful negotiation from an award-winning faculty member at the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania.

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