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Mori Taheripour is a globally recognized negotiation expert. Top business publications and media outlets have featured Mori's work including ESPN, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Marketplace, Money, NPR, and The Next Chapter by American Express.


Featured Media

Podcast Appearances

Why We All Need a Mental Spring Cleaning

Wharton Business Daily, 05/23/24

Wharton Lecturer Mori Taheripour joins the show to discuss why an annual spring cleaning for our professional lives is a great idea.

Learn to Negotiate if You Always Lose | Bring Yourself - Mori Taheripour

Pequeño Cerdo Capitalista, 1/24/24

How will my life change if I improve my negotiations? Mori Taheripour discusses how to negotiate finances, self-discovery, and personal development.

Mori Taheripour: Author of Bring Yourself

The Kara Goldin Show, 1/12/24

In this episode, Mori highlights the challenges and socialization around negotiations and emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence in negotiation.

Mori Taheripour: Humanity in Business

Worthy Words with Agostino Renna and Stef Tschida, 3/18/24

This episode looks at the significance of human, non-robotic interactions in business, along with the role of empathy and connection in negotiation.

How to Develop Authenticity in Negotiation with Mori Taheripour

Negotiate Anything, 1/15/24

Kwame sits down with Mori to delve deep into the importance of authenticity in negotiation, emphasizing the human connection and self-work.

How to Bring Yourself to Any Negotiation with Mori Taheropour

How to... with Anne Mahlum, 10/12/23

Anne and Mori discuss how she unexpectedly found herself in the world of teaching negotiations, despite initially feeling like an unlikely candidate.


Striking the Balance: Navigating Honesty in Job Interviews

Welcome to the Jungle, 4/11/23

We spoke with negotiation expert Mori Taheripour to get her guidance on what to share—and what to be more careful of divulging—in the interview process.

How to Ask for a Raise: Know Your Value (and Bring the Evidence)

NPR Life Kit, 12/21/22

Before you think about asking for a raise, consider the fact that you're already a professional negotiator. Mori Taheripour teaches negotiations, and she says we're always negotiating.

Use This Script to Ask for a Raise in 2022, 1/5/22

When asking for a raise, there are contradicting mindsets about exactly how personal you should get. Mori Taheripour advocates for pairing objective measures with human elements.

Need a Little Inspiration? Try These Non-Fiction Books by Seriously Impressive Women

Katie Couric Media, 3/10/23

This Wharton MBA professor is a total rock star when it comes to advocating for what women want—and teaching them how to get it. But what’s really great is Mori’s story.

Ask the Professor: Wharton's Mori Taheripour on How to Negotiate the Right Way

TechCrunch+, 10/12/22

“Any parent, anybody in a relationship, who has employees, who has a pet is probably good at negotiations.” Mori thinks people are better negotiators than they think.

How to Negotiate Successfully and Stop Lowering Your Agency Prices

Jason Swenk, 8/25/21

Mori Taheripour discusses why negotiations make people anxious and how you can get better results by being prepared and understanding motivations and your values.

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