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sports consulting

Mori Taheripour  puts  her  cross-sector consulting experience to work in the business of sports. By activating her worldwide network of premiere athletes, sports industry experts and executives, high-profile leaders, government officials, and key academic stakeholders, Mori empowers her clients to cultivate strategic partnerships and advance major initiatives that will continue to achieve sustainable social impact nationally and internationally.

Diversity and inclusion are important objectives for many sports organizations today. Ms. Taheripour works with her clients to improve intra- and inter-organizational diversity; increase access to sport for minority youth; and engage diverse consumer markets. She views diversity and inclusion as a critical tool to drive innovation and growth, consumer engagement, profitability, and social impact.


Ms. Taheripour also offers her signature negotiation training to sports business executives, agents, and professional athletes. Through highly interactive sessions, her clients are able to build the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in both personal and professional negotiations.