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Sport is a universal and compelling platform that creates a link between communities worldwide and can drive education, leadership development, peacekeeping, economic growth, and gender equality while simultaneously promoting health, nutrition, and disease prevention.  The power of sport can be leveraged to raise awareness and promote engagement to reach populations that are often excluded. 

By activating her global network of premiere athletes, sports industry executives, high-profile leaders, government officials, and key academic stakeholders, Mori identifies and creates strategic partnerships to advance major initiatives that influence social change.

She has led major initiatives in both the public and private sectors, successfully establishing and managing relationships with professional sports leagues, federations, and franchises and designed strategic partnerships between sports organizations, civil society, private sector corporations, and non-governmental organizations.

Leveraging her extensive academic and sports business experience, Mori has been involved in player engagement and development for more than fifteen years. She has taught and mentored athletes at every level - from high school to the pros. Her expertise includes designing and delivering curricula that promote the success of athletes both on and off the field and supports their transition out of sport.

Mori serves as a consultant to leading sports organizations and leagues and regularly speaks at sports industry conferences and events. She is a contributor to sports discussions for Wharton Business Daily on SiriusXM and was featured in ESPN’s “30 for 30” documentary, Broke. 

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